Hashtags That Get Results!

As a Real Estate Agent I bet you’re using Social Media and if you aren’t yet then SNAP…you better start!  More and more agents are connecting with old friends and new leads online.

Having a presence on Social Media does a lot of for your business.  You might think you’re too busy to post but think again….utilizing the social space will build your brand awareness, drive in leads, help you establish yourself as the local expert and connect with clients on a more personal level.

Wanna know the magic word?  I’ll give you two guesses…okay just one guess.  Did you say HASHTAG?  That’s right- hash to the tag!

When posting anything on social media you MUST hashtag.  Using hashtags will expose your posts and therefore your brand to an entire world of an audience.  This will create even more followers organically thus more leads coming your way!  Isn’t that your goal?  Yep it is!

The more you tag, the more people will see your posts based on what they’re searching for.  Tagging your posts are a direct link to leads.

Try posting a photo of a stunning kitchen to your Instagram page and in the comments section tag your photos like this:

#kitchen #kitchengoals
#kitcheninspo #dreamkitchen
#design #interiordesign #custom
#realestate #interior #forsale
#newlisting #listyourhome
#marketexpert #orangecounty
#callme #listwithme #homeforsale
#realestateagent #invest

Here is another example:

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.51.40 AM

The list goes on and on….tag away and watch your brand grow!  Some agents are doing this so right and you can tell by viewing their pages and posts.  Make sure you’re posting content that potential clients wanna see but still adding your personality into them.

Be present
Be engaging
Use beautiful design
Drive success

Brittney is an expert Transaction Coordinator and 3rd generation real estate fanatic with over 10 years of transaction experience and a background in file management.

CalBRE 01450176

Email Brittney at brittney@signheretransactions.com


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